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Blackmail makes me wet, it is so fun to get into someone’s head. Older men are an easy target, they usually are weak. They are my favorite prey, some don’t realize they are a pawn in my game.

Daddy has a friend who works in an office. I go visit him with my cute blonde braided pigtails. Knock on the door and he lets me in. Surprised to see me he lets me in. There are many secrets about this guy I know that could destroy his marriage. Many ways to pull more secrets out of him, you lull them into a false sense of security.

Deep in thought, this is going to be so fun!

Going with the disguise that I am here to clean. Bend over and wipe his desk with the cleaner. He wants to have an affair and is afraid of getting caught. Making sure he noticed how cute my butt looks in the jeans. Looking back out of the corner of my eye. He is looking and adjusting his pants. Turning around, I giggle and kiss his cheeks. Blackmail is fun to make someone quiver with what you might let out.

He tried to let me think he thought this is wrong. I whispered in his ear that I know so much about you. Give me what I want and I don’t ever tell anyone anything. A look of fear came across his face, he is hesitant. We come to a blackmail agreement and he pulls his cock out. I tell him to lift my tank top and tease my nipples. Being a teen tease is fun and makes me hungry for cock. I sit on his lap and start wiggling around. He moans and tries to push me off. Deep in thought, this is going to be so fun!

Are you one of those men who fall into the blackmail trap?

I push him hard to chair and let him know how easy it is to destroy him. He picks me up and shoves me down on the desk. Pulling my pants down he kisses up my knees. Making sure we are the same level, I told him if he doesn’t give me oral I will tell his work and wife everything. Blackmail can seem cruel, most people in secret enjoy it. There he is pathetic and weak. Bowing down to my threat and giving me many orgasms.