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BlackmailBlackmail transgressions and sissified pantyhose dreams for our lady in training. Sissification is an obsession, and has been since that moment you seen the veil of sexuality drop.

Sissification alone, well it is arousing. Watching the women get ogled by the men on the street. Wearing high heels, pantyhose, bras, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Being a woman is the hardest thing a man can ever do. But seeing you as a man again could never happen.

Blackmail is the only option.

Outing you, or making it a requirement if you do not move forward. For so many years you have secretly dreamed of the support net. That would allow you to be the female you are. None of the boy stuff to get in the way. Just you and your femininity passing tests to keep in the female world of play.
When women support you in every move, and those same women show you how to act, smile, sit, and entertain. Yes darling, you are going to be blackmailed into entertaining men. Even dancing with them. And of course they take the lead. You are not a man no more. Take time to yourself, and repeat.
Putting you into an office setting, with a female boss. Someone powerful, and dominant to move your progress right along. The look in your eyes when we make that man disappear. Makeup just right, and your panties tucked so tight. You will be blackmail prize for all women. Participating in womanless beauty pageants, and you must be the best. Of course if you pass, you never have to worry about being forced to be a woman again.
Instead you will be blackmail lured, and trapped. The look in your eyes always gives such fast reaction. And a smile spreads across my face. As your Transition Mother it is my place to see you finish this race. Always you ask if I will see it through. To you I say, your dreams, will become girly and true. Blackmail is part of the manipulation, and you know how women can be so persuasive. Nothing a uniform wearing train right can not fix. While you sit across from a man, and have him taking pics. See you again soon, and your stems so proud. Blackmail dreams, and fantasies make you female and renowned.