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I had an awful blackmail encounter the other day with one of my new Neighbors. You see he saw me doing very illegal things. As a new neighborhood in the area, I had to be something to make sure he would not report!

I mean I was really scared for I could get into big trouble and I could get evicted! So luckily, I used my camera the whole day, spending time watching him over in his place trying to see what he was doing. There didn’t seem to be anyone but himself and from what I could tell with my connection was that he had an obsession for women’s RED LIP-GLOSS!


I decided to go over and introduce myself to him. I was dressed in a sexy pink gown and of course, I had on very pretty lip gloss – red to be exact. Once I knocked on his door and he opened it I could tell he was a little shocked yet very curious. “Hello, can I help you?’ “I guess I’m your new neighbor” “oh yes I saw you earlier today.” “Oh, you did, and just what did you see?” I got frightened. I asked him just what was it he saw? He responded, “don’t worry your secret’s safe with me.” “Well isn’t that so very nice of you what a pleasant new neighbor, so what might I do for you to keep this between you and me?”

He then responded, “well I have to say I am infatuated with the red lip gloss you look incredible.” “Why thank you, sounds to me like I might be able to do something for you” he backed up and open the door invited me in. Well, I wasted no time I entered and was ready to blackmail him! While wearing his favorites lip-gloss and kissing him. I took hold of my Naughty Neighbor, with my seduction and blackmail! He catered to me, loving my Lip-Gloss, and Promising never to tell a soul!