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Blasphemy, it’s not for everyone. I’ve loved being a dirty little sinner since the day I could talk. My parents sent me to Catholic school in hopes that I would become a Nun. Oh, boy, I found hell instead.

How far will you go to enter the gate of hell with me? Most fear the wrath of the underworld, but I take victims with me each time I visit. Men, women, and something even the jailbait playmates that don’t know any better. Honestly, those are the fun ones. I get them to betray Christ and they fall into the talons of even without even knowing.

Are you a weak willed man who doesn’t know how to put down the bottle? Let me sit on your lap and tilt the destruction to your lips. By the time you realize that I won, you will be in the hands of Satan himself. Bent over his altar and ass fucked by all the horrors that lay below. The

blasphemy hell that you will endure is nothing compared to what Satan has planned for you. Go ahead, scream. That is music to our ears.

Blasphemy will take you on a ride to HELL!

If you don’t like the heat, watch out for the rabbit hole. Instead of Alice and the Rabbit going to Wonderland, you’ll be going straight into the fire below. Look over the edge at the flames. The flickering light will hypnotize you into a state of blasphemy destruction. Closer, go closer to the flames. I promise you that it won’t hurt…much! Just one more step and all your problems will go away. There is no place on earth that will accept you faster than the lair of evil.

Blasphemy is my personal pleasure. Are you ready for come and play in my house?