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As the newest priest took me into his office, he began telling me how my sins were so bad, I deserved to snuffed out. I had seen enough snuff porn to know this was not going to be good at all. Fear consumed me.

He couldn’t be serious, could he? He is a priest. He is a good and holy man, right? Ok, so we know the Fathers all have their naughty little secrets. We know they lust over our young little bodies. They wait for us to be bad so they can correct us with their religious seed. They do enjoy having us swallow their holy cocks and the fluids that they produce as a type of communion. They always remind us it is to wash us of our sins and that it is not for their own pleasure. How could this religious man consider using snuff as punishment? I can never be forgiven for my dirty sins if I am not able to atone for them.

He explained that snuff was a sacrifice and sacrifice was Biblical. It was for the good of many.

I begged him to allow me to swallow his seed or even to take his seed into my little bottom to atone for my sins. He assured me I would do all that, but the final punishment would be my life. He was intent on making me the victim of snuff. That was his way of delivering me from evil. Even though I was afraid, my body responded to him. He pulled out his holy cock and forced it down my throat. He was suffocating me by blocking off my air passages. He used his powerful hands to squeeze my throat allowing no air into my lungs.
Things began to go black when he pulled out and my lungs got the air they craved. This was short lived though. He got behind me and once again squeezed my throat tight as he put his big cock into my tiniest hole. My lungs burned from lack of air. I tried to scream but it was no use. No sounds escaped. My young life flashed before my eyes.
Things were going black again as he pounded my little bottom. He squeezed harder and harder. I could not breathe. Even with all the fear, my little body began convulsing in a huge orgasm. My last conscious thought was to wonder if I would pass out or be his sacrifice in his snuff fantasy. To be honest, I came so hard I didn’t even care. If I died, I would die happy.