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Blasphemy is a massive turn on for me. I am working on a short story series about the coming of age of a young Nun. Let me know if you also enjoy my blasphemous writing. Email me at [email protected] Now enjoy the story if Vanessa and the Mother Superior.

Is one born to live a life devoted to one man? Well, one man, you will never see, touch, or taste? For the Sisters of Holy Grace, there is always an exception to the rules. The day that Sister Elizabeth walked through the doors, so did the Devil in disguise. She wasn’t sent there as a disobedient teen or a rebel. The thirty-year-old whore knew the best place to find new playmates would be where they were the most naïve. Fifteen years later, she was Mother Superior and had the stains of innocence all over her tongue. 

If the walls of the old church could talk, what would they scream? Pants of lust or cries of mercy? What should be the most sacred place on earth is far from the hallowed halls of heaven? Open on Sundays, there is no falling asleep during these services, but you will sleep like a baby afterward. Tonight, was when they brought in the recruits. The little girls became lost along their way. How else could she explain why parents would drop their pride and joy off at the door and drive away, knowing they would be safe and sound. Little did they know that the habit they wore spent more time on the floor than their bodies. 

As she stood at the door, counting the money in her head, Sister Elizabeth welcomed each girl in with open arms. White, black, big and small, none of that mattered. The parishioners of this church loved all the little girls and believed that they were all as pure and newly fallen snow. When the cars drove off, the Doctor that served the church would make sure that they could be sold off as innocent little virgins. 

“What is your name, child?” asked Sister Elizabeth. 

As the older woman stood in front of the young girl, she could smell the innocence on this one. Her face and body just what the parishioners wanted. Young and slender. 

“Vanessa Shaw,” whispered the teen. 

At 18 years old, the youngest Shaw child was the one who would save the family name. Her older sister fell from grace long ago, and though she supported her parents, they often wondered about their souls. Sometimes as you grow older, you fear the ending more than the loss of a loved one. Vanessa Shaw had just turned 18 the day before, and according to her family, she lived a very sheltered life. We’re her parents offering up her body as their entrance into heaven. They were. 

Noticing her fears, Mother Superior reached out to brush the strands of hair away from the girl’s face. Vanessa didn’t see that the Nun wore nail polish in the color of a whore. Crimson red with touches of glitter in the paint. A nun is not allowed to paint herself to attract others. They live a very modest life. Most do, but not Sister Elizabeth. Under that gown, she was stark naked and still seeping cum from the last confession. A wolf in Nun’s clothing often leads the little lambs off to be butchered and devoured by the sinners that the church shielded.

“I am sure you know that the church must do an exam. We must make sure you are pure before you’re allowed to live in the church. Do you understand, child?” asked Mother Superior. 

“I understand, but I promise. I have never even kissed a boy,” Vanessa pleaded. 

With a simple shake of the head, the older woman could smell the virginity on her, but the Doctor loved looking at the hymen before it ripped from the body. 

Dreading the visit, it would be the first time that Vanessa had a female exam. There was never a need for it because she is a virgin and not sexually active. The first thing she noticed is that there was no female present. Wasn’t there supposed to be a nurse to make sure the Doctor didn’t do anything wrong?

“Undress and put on the gown and lay on the table with your legs in the stirrups. Hurry up. I have a lot of girls to go through today,” he said matter of factly. There was no emotion in his voice at all. 

“Yes, but what about a nurse?” Vanessa asked. 

“Do it, or you can leave. No nurses are here today, child. Hurry up. Other girls are waiting,” he demanded. 

The last thing Vanessa wanted was to be in trouble before she even began. As she walked off, her heart sank. No one had ever seen her naked, and indeed not her female parts. Removing her clothing, she left them folded neatly on the chair. It was that table that scared her. Hard and cold, there was no comfort at all. Vanessa laid back, slowly lifting her legs into the wide-set stirrups. Her heart was breaking. A stranger would see her vagina and look to see what she already ensured them all. She was a virgin. Squeezing her eyes tight shut, she cringed the moment that man walked through the door. 

“Keep them open,” he said. As the man pulled back the sheet and fully exposed the girl, the first tear ran down her cheek. Without gloves on or washing his hands, the older man placed his hand on the lips of her pussy, gently tugging her apart. “Mmm,” he moaned, “There it is. One ripe cherry ready for the ripping. Things like that make an old man want a taste.” Before he could, the door opened, and the entrance of the room shaded by Mother Superior. 

“Stop it, you old pig. Is the girl intact?” she demanded.

“Indeed, she is. I was going to check her clit, but you spoiled that. Let me check her throat, and then you can have her, but this one right here is going to bring you a high dollar,” said the Doctor. 

“Shut up. Jesus Christ, you talk too much,” she said. “Open your mouth Vanessa,” Mother superior asked. Not bothering with a tongue depressor, the older woman pushed a red nail across the girl’s tongue, pushing it down her throat—”MMM good girl. No choking. Just take it nice and deep,” she whispered. As she pulled her hand back, licking off the saliva with a wicked smirk, Mother Superior knew there would be men begging to fuck this little girl. She would make sure that she went to the highest bidder. After all, the church can’t run on prayer alone. 

“Get dressed, child. Go to your room, and I will have a special prayer session with you this evening,” Mother said on her way out. Still licking her finger, she whispered in the ear of the young girl that waited to show Sister Vanessa to her room, “Bring her to me later tonight. I have the need.”