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Cuckold Slut Enjoys Sticky Snack


The other night I was up in the front room with a glass of bubbly. Knowing it isn’t long till the husband is going out of town and I get to call my cuckold. Tapping my freshly manicured blood red nails on the arm of the couch. Watching the bubbles in the champagne. I have the perfect stud and outfit picked out for my slut. I have a little bit of a cross-dressing fetish. He will be wearing a cute pair of light pink satin shorts that showcase his cute bubble butt. A cropped spaghetti tank and some black fishnets.

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Babysitter’s club with my hot friends.

baby sitters club

A fantasy or role play I want to do is my infamous babysitter’s club. Since times are rough but getting better. Some of me and my hot friends get together and make a club. It isn’t exactly what you think at first there is a morbid undertone to it. I know my fellow perverts will love this. They will want to entertain this idea with me. We have these code words that let you know what special you are getting off this menu. Hard candy is for the most extreme and so on. You get the point I am coming across with.

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Chat Live with The Best Sluts

Come join The Best Sluts in our own uncensored chatroom! Get to know the girls and all of their “kinks”  before setting up a session with the slut that can best satisfy your needs.