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Affair Fantasy Gets Me Off

Summer is here and that means all the married men are wanting a steamy affair. I like dressing up cute and teasing these guys from my window. Sitting there, painting my nails blood red. When you blow to dry the polish, the way my lips form. I know they are thinking and wishing my mouth getting wrapped around their cock. One of my favorite outfits to wear is my tank with some cute panties. I am glad that daddy doesn’t live too far from me. He has this big awesome pool. A great way to let some steam off.

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BBC slut takes all the man candy

Do you want to know what made me laugh recently? Well, I have this BBC faggot slut that calls me and I have so much fun with him. As soon as I hear his voice he makes me laugh, he just sounds like such a sissy boy. So last time how I started was having him pull his pants down. He dropped them and showed me his “cock”, and I just broke down and started laughing so hard. I told him it’s smaller than my little clitty. He couldn’t believe it so I dropped my panties and showed him. I touched him and he touched mine and he could tell it was so much smaller.

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Daddy loves me to masturbate

Daddy probably never thought that his sweet little girl humps her pillow every night. Well, I love feeling that hard pillow between my little cunt lips. Pressing hard against it over and over again. It just happened that you caught me completely naked with my pussy humping my pillow. Grinding my hips going up and down! I love to masturbate daddy! I even do it at school, and I don’t mind when my teachers watch. They see me in the front row and spreading my legs and my pussy dripping wet all over my seat. I take my tiny fingers and twirling my little clit. I can feel it pulsing in my panties.

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Cock Addict Hairdresser Gets A Release

cock addict

I didn’t realize how much of a cock addict I am. Now that some restrictions are lifting. I have a small place in the back of my house to cut hair. My client’s husband that I miss very much. He has the best dick. Part of me gets surprised he came by a couple of days ago to come to get his hair done by me. I am wearing my cute dress and some sick high heels. Feeling myself and believe me it has been a while since I dressed up.

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