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School girl wants to play in your dirty dreams

School girl

When my parents shipped me off to boarding school, I was pissed! But once I got here, I realized how much fun it can be, especially for an adventurous girl like me. I have access to all kinds of naughtiness. My girlfriends and get into kinky school girl fun. We’ve acquired lots of toys to play with to keep it real and raunchy. But this school girl has yet to go all the way. read more…

Chronic Masturbation Led To Bisexual Fun

chronic masturbation

As restrictions are easing up. I am allowed to have clients in my home studio do their hair and nails. My life is chronic masturbation especially with this client I have coming today. Trying to look my best I wear my socks that come to my thighs and some shorts that come below my cheeks. I have my hair down and curled, I am nervous. This lady is the epitome of beauty. Flawless skin that is fair in complexion and auburn hair that goes to the middle of her back. She also has the best set of tits.

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Anything goes with a dirty little slut

anything goes

First of all, I want to know what your definition of anything goes is? I am sure we are on the same page, I like getting fucking dirty. I am always up to do anything and today I feel like being daddy’s little girl. What do you think about that? Let me dress up in my little plaid skirt with no panties underneath. For the top, I am going to wear one of daddy’s button-ups tied. Does that get Daddy’s cock fucking hard? Let me get on my knees and unzip those pants and start pulling out your cock. Oh daddy my mouth is drooling for that thick cock. 

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Bubble Bath Is A Favorite Past Time

bubble bath

A hot bubble bath is a favorite pastime of mine with my daddy. I want to recreate this special time with him. He has been so very busy lately. I make my way over to his house. I already let the housekeeper beware that I am coming over to surprise him. I’m dressed in my overalls dress with a cropped t-shirt underneath. On my feet are my slides and my pedicure. I have my little backpack that has all the goodies inside of it. I let myself into his house and start calling his name.

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MILF Fantasy with a touch of tender


Do you find yourself pondering about a milf fantasy? I am the perfect person to explore that with. I have been with many younger lovers. Let’s take a look at the milf/ cougar turn-on. Beautiful women like myself that younger men or women want to be with. I love to teach my lovers the ways around a woman’s body. In my eyes, a cougar is in the same line as that. The dynamic with the age difference turns me on like crazy. I like browsing on dating apps for my next fling.

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Chat Live with The Best Sluts

Come join The Best Sluts in our own uncensored chatroom! Get to know the girls and all of their “kinks”  before setting up a session with the slut that can best satisfy your needs.