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Body worship, brother kisses assBody worship, brother kisses ass oh no!! It was like the total opposite when my big brother caught me cheating on a test!! :: sad face:: She my mom and dad left town to go on a second honeymoon.

Then they left my bog brother in charge and normally he is ok. But this time around he caught me getting a bad grade and he was going to rat me out. So I showed him my better paper!! The one I had the smart boy in class do for me!! :: blushes:: Well then he called me a cheater!!

Body worship is what he wanted but he blackmailed me into giving him my tight tiny body!!!! ::giggles::

When he called me a cheater he told me he was calling mom and daddy right then!! :: begs:: “But please do not do that big bubbie, I will do anything I would get kicked off my summer trip!! And I babysat all year long to earn that money!!”, I pleaded!!! :: cries::
Well then he finally realized maybe he went a bit far and he told me I could get out of it, if I was a good girl!! ::: kisses::: Once he got me into his room he had me reach into his closet, and pull out a costume. This costume looked super silly!! Like one of the costumes I wore last year with my friends for Halloween. But my brother was serious he wanted me to wear something called thigh highs, and no panties!!!!
” You will put it on or I will call and tell parents, and you can not tell them I let you wear it. If you are willing to lie and cheat on a paper what else have you been lying about!!”, he said looking at my thighs.
Well I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I did as he said except when I changed I kept on my panties!! When I came out of the room I was in the super tall shoes and he was naked in his bed!!!!
“Now bend over so I can tongue worship your tight teen ass”, he said as he spanked me for keeping on my little girl panties. ” I want to lick all over your body and taste your little pussy”, he yelled and pulled the panties off. My little voice cried at first but his tongue started feeling better and better! I was stressing really bad how he licked over my lil tootie and my bootie but he liked it!! ::giggles::: Brother said it was Body worship, but it made me tingle because of the brother sister role play!!! ::kisses::: Thank you big brother for making me be good!! Promise I will never tell!! :::: Vvvrrrooom::: XoXo Mustang :: giggles:::