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Is my hungry boy ready for his nightly breastfeeding session with my big mommy tits? You jump into my bed, diving under the covers excited and already drooling. There is nothing you love more in this world than suckling your mama until your belly is full of her liquid gold. Getting into position, you settle in before puckering up your lips. Closing your eyes, you lean in and wrap your mouth around my erect nipple.

I let out a very long, low moan of pleasure as you begin to suckle my puffy digit. My fingertips begin to comb through your hair, rubbing your scalp with tenderness. You have enjoyed breastfeeding in this exact same position ever since you were a baby. After every diaper change, you would cuddle up next to my boobies and fall asleep with one in your mouth. It was the cutest!

Breastfeeding is the best.

As you got older, our breastfeeding sessions graduated from basic feeding. You grew to love pulling your boner out and rubbing it against my leg as you enjoyed your meal. Your small hips would thrust and wiggle, grinding against me as you suckled with intense need. Sometimes, you would even begin jerking off using your thumb and forefinger. Your drool would make such a mess between us, I began laying down a towel first to keep from ruining the sheets!
When the first boob is full, you know the drill. I turn over and you crawl over me, switching to the other side. You reposition yourself as fast as you can so you can start breastfeeding again.
Sometimes, you drink for so long, that daddy grows impatient. I always tell him to wait for our fuck session until you finish, but he forgets. On those nights, I get squished between the two of you like a mommy sandwich! You lay in front of me, slurping from my tits, and daddy lays behind me with his cock in my pussy. The feeling of stimulation from both sides is always too much for me to handle, and I end up orgasming in no time!
Look at your poor cock, already throbbing in anticipation! Is my good boy ready to call mommy for our naughty breastfeeding phone sex fun? Call now for some taboo family play and drink as much as your little heart desires! Mama will make sure that her sexy little son is full and satisfied.