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A breeding fantasy to feast on. We know we can’t have a shortage of little sluts to manufacture. I need as many dads to help out as I can get. That cock milk needs to get pumped by the gallons. We can get them in whatever manner you desire.

Kidnapping fantasies are always my favorite. Holding them when they won’t remember and house training a little slut. In my fantasy, I want to have a garden of kittens. They get tied and shackled up. Several in a row so a daddy has many to choose from.

I want to assist with the milking of cock milk.

Im picking the prime dads to come to my garden of little sluts. I will show them how to dress. They will dress to impress. None of my sluts will be getting fat in my breeding fantasy. I will allow three guys to come down at a time so they can have the prime picking. Ovulation tests get done to make sure they are ready. I want the guy to get rough with her and I will even let a girl that didn’t get picked. Her to come up and help get him hard.

My little garden of sluts where their tummies will grow so big. There is a separate room to hold when they give birth. A mattress is under each slut when she gets pick one leg will get chained and the rest of her free. I want my daddies to feel special. They get to take virginity. Teach her how to suck cock for the first time. The best part is no one will come looking for any of them. Wouldn’t that sound nice?

My breeding fantasy is sure to get us both off.

I like to help the daddies and have some coconut oil on hand. If she screams I will take the panties she has on and stuffs her mouth. Don’t need to be scaring the other sluts. Have her on her back and you come up with your daddy cock and that nectar. Her little pussy puffing and stretching. Her tears make you even harder. The other sluts looking at you as they get pounded. You fuck so hard you want to come out her throat. You nectar releases and fills her up.