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Brother sister fantasy – Taboo love is what me and my brother have and it is so super special. For the longest time I have had a crush on my older brother, and he did not even know.

He has always been the most handsome, and the super sexist! Whenever he comes into the room after his sports practice he is all sweaty and I get so wet. Most the time I excuse myself and go straight to my room. My room is right next to the bathroom and I get to watch him shower.

Brother sister fantasy – Taboo love started with a crush and ended with a fuck.

Today was no different when I got on my knees and crawled over to the door jam to get a peek. That is when I saw his super hottie body while he got naked. When he stepped into the shower I seen his huge cock, and I started moaning a little louder. So many times I have watched him stroke his cock in the shower, today was different. He was stroking it like he was putting on a show while he looked into the mirror. He wanted brother sister taboo.
Then he stepped out of the shower and came right for my door!. By the time he got to my door, he had the towel all over his head and his cock was bouncing. I mean it was the biggest cock I have ever seen and it made my little pussy need it so bad! That is all I could hear in my ears when he started to speak. My brother sister fantasy is getting good.
But he did not say much, and he said everything. He told me he knew I had been watching him and he was not going to pretend anymore. That we do want and need each other. That he was jealous of my boyfriend and sick of fucking his girlfriend pretending she was me! Like seriously! Brother sister is so much better. 
I felt his arms around me and he lowered me down on my bed where he started licking my little kitty. After he gave me sweet kitty kisses he slipped his fat brother cock inside of my tight little spot. I had to bite the pillow so mom and dad didn’t hear my moans, and he told me all about brother sister fantasy. Our taboo love.