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bubble bath
First, we have to take off my filthy clothes, stripping me down to my perfect naked body. I lift my hands up into the air, giggling as daddy lifts my Disney shirt up over my head. He gives me a big smile every time he gets to look at my tiny flat chest and puffy pink nipples. I am starting to think daddy likes bubble bath time almost as much as I do!

Then his fingers hook around my shorts, sliding them over my little hips and down my sexy legs. Lifting each of my small feet, I step out of them, standing there in my purple cotton panties. My father tells me that I am the prettiest girl in the entire world! I blush and giggle as he leans forward, placing a kiss right on my covered bald pussy lips.

Is it time for my bubble bath now, daddy?

Chuckling at my impatience, he finally helps me out of the final piece of clothing. Holding my hand, daddy helps me get my naked, barely legal body into the warm water of the bubble bath. The lavender-scented soap fills the room as I begin to splash around in the wetness.
Getting the loofa, he begins lathering it up with soap from the bubble bath so he can clean me! I stand up and turn around like we do every time daddy bathes me. Placing my hands against the cool tile wall, back to daddy, I spread my legs to give him access to my secret parts.
In a moment, his hand begins to trace up the inside of my thigh. The loofa slides up my little ass, between my perky buns and against my crack. Daddy pushes it forwards, making sure to wash my little pussy, too. Then, he begins to rock the loofa back and forth between my tiny cunt and asshole. His other hand reaches into his pants. The bubble bath is making daddy so hard!
I know daddy needs to cum after looking at my sexy body and touching my pretty pussy! Would you like to call and finish up our soapy bubble bath fun? Let’s have some naughty, no taboo phone sex and see how kinky we can get!