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bubble bath

A hot bubble bath is a favorite pastime of mine with my daddy. I want to recreate this special time with him. He has been so very busy lately. I make my way over to his house. I already let the housekeeper beware that I am coming over to surprise him. I’m dressed in my overalls dress with a cropped t-shirt underneath. On my feet are my slides and my pedicure. I have my little backpack that has all the goodies inside of it. I let myself into his house and start calling his name.

Bubble bath daddy is happy to see me.

I run up to him and give him a big hug and kiss. He squeezes my round bubble butt. I whisper in his ear how I want to take a warm bubble bath like we use to. He kisses my cheek in approval and slaps my ass to scoot me upstairs. I walk up the flight of winding stairs with the marble flooring. I pull on my headband making sure it’s on right. My backpack falls off my shoulders. As I am starting to undress.

My daddy and his big hands undoing my dress. It falls to the floor and he puts his hands on my hips, kissing my neck. Letting out small moans. He nibbles my earlobes and puts his hands up my shirt. My nipples get hard and he cups my perky breasts in his hands. Rolling my nipples between his fingertips. I open my backpack and pull out my bubble bath and rubber ducks. A smile comes across my daddy’s face. He walks over and runs the bath for me making sure it isn’t too warm.

Daddy has a boner getting excited about some playtime.

Getting into the tub and pouring my bubble bath in. My eyes light up like when I was younger and I splash and play in the bubbles. Daddy gets in with me and kisses my shoulders. He has the sponge and tells me to play with the ducks and he starts getting water on me. He pulls me closer and gets the bubbles on the sponge and rubs from my breasts to my pussy. I reach behind me and start stroking him. Playtime with daddy is my favorite.