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Cannibalism Ad led to Thanksgiving Day Feast. And we found ourselves a delish turkey this season. She was such a tasty morsel when she came knocking on the door.

  A long time friend and I, always get together this time of year. Finding the right extreme cannibalism treat for his hungry guests. Of course shopping via Craigslist has its set backs.  

Cannibalism Thanksgiving Buffet.

  After ditching the first two as junkies. The pretty brunette that knocked to the eye looked promising. Her smiling lips, and great complexion told me she was no junkie. Those lovely green eyes of hers, and her round bubble butt fit the bill perfect.   As I opened the door, he sent me for the lemonade mix. Special lemonade comes in handy for doe eyed girls like her. Lets us get a closer inspection when we knock her out for a fantasy bit. Handing my friend his lemonade, then slipping her, her laced lemonade. The effects took effect almost immediately.  

Cannibalism professionals we search for track marks, modifications, piercings, and tattoos. Nothing ruins cannibalism fare like silicone tits locked in our BBQ Barbie. After removing the clothes, and tying her hands and binding her wrists. We moved her to the large table, where we could marinate her.  

Cannibalism Holiday.

  Rubbing the canola oil, and herbs on her skin, we made sure to pay attention to the fat and meat ratio. Those freshman 15 looked so well on her, and made those beautiful lumps my friend enjoys. Cannibalism to him has always been about aesthetics, his ass and thigh fetish.. he loves a great rump.   When my fingers tarted rubbing counter clockwise on her rump meat and she came to he smiled. Reassuring her, that we had no intentions on fucking her fantasy body. Instead I slid apples, onions, and vore porn goodness inside of her slit. Making sure they delish meat of hers would not be stringy and have so much flavor.  

The kind of flavor he lives for, and enjoys taunting them with. Gather round for this prized treat. We all have something to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving. This year, Kylie was our Turkey.. and good to the last bite. @}}~~~ Happy Hunting for the Holidays. Sin Well my friends.