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Confessions of the slut next door


I know lately you have been wanting to have a good time with a slut who  knows how to dominate that cock. Well I have one of the biggest confessions. I see you outside with your wife and I see you staring at me with longing eyes. I purposely wear my sluttiest outfit to make sure you notice me. You realized  your bathroom window faces my room, and to be honest I know you stare at me


Advice On How To Eat Perfect Pussy

Recently, my oldest son came to me seeking some very unusual advice. We have always been close, and my kids know they can come and talk to me about anything and everything. He first mentioned that his questions and concerns were in regards to his new girlfriend. I wondered why he was not going to his dad for relationship troubles. He sat twiddling his thumbs, sweat accumulating on his brow as he mustered up the courage to ask me the question.