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Affair with a home wrecking slut


My affair with my dirty professor is back on. Well, he isn’t my professor but one, to say the least. This time it is better than ever. We drive each other wild with this insatiable lust. To bad his wife doesn’t do her job right and use his dick. That is the problem if these naggers did what they supposed to. Their men wouldn’t go outside and find other ways to get their needs met. His wife is selfish, her first thought coming home. Needs to be how can she get him off? (more…)

Affair Fantasy At The Gym


For the last few months, you have been having a naughty, super kinky affair with a cute little teen slut like me! You got so sick of having to fuck your wife’s used up pussy, you knew you deserved something nice and tight. That is when you saw the hot little piece of ass at your gym, wearing those skin-tight yoga pants and a sports bra. She was stretching and your cock throbbed as her flat tummy showed itself off to your wandering eyes. (more…)

Dirty Affair With Professor Is On Again

My affair with the naughty professor is back on. He is my favorite lover. Sometimes I go into his wife’s work and in my mind taunt her. Giggling because I am fucking her husband. She works a lot and is clueless. He can’t get enough of my teen body. Too bad his wife doesn’t want to use his cock as much as he wants. My dirty professor has fantasies about students. So, it’s my job to make that real for him so he doesn’t cross the line. Mister likes to have me be a teacher assistant.