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My bald pussy is daddies favorite

bald pussy
There’s one thing I always did for daddy and it was making sure my little tight cunt was bald. My dad always told me a girl with a bald pussy is a good girl. So when we had my sister it was my time to step us as the slutty older sister and show her the way. As soon as she could remember I would go in and play with her little cunny. I made sure she was nice and pink and especially bald. Daddy doesn’t like it when girls start maturing down there.


Intern gets a special welcome


Every summer, you are so excited to see what hot new little intern your office is going to get for the next few months. You and your buddies always take bets on which one of you will get to smash the little whore first! The morning she comes walking in, wearing a pencil skirt that is far too short, you know you need to have her first. (more…)

Ageplay accomplice for daddies cock

ageplay accomplice
Daddy, you have been very stressed out lately, and I want to help you relax and settle down. So I have a crazy naughty idea for us, are you ready? I want to be your slutty ageplay accomplice! Do you even know what that means for you daddy? Having two little whores to play with, and of course, I will have to show her how to be a good whore for daddies big fat cock. First, daddy needs to tell me what kind of girl do you want, do you want a little bald pussy whore with a flat little chest? Or do you want a teen skank who already has been a whore? I can get you whatever you want!


Affair Fantasy At The Gym


For the last few months, you have been having a naughty, super kinky affair with a cute little teen slut like me! You got so sick of having to fuck your wife’s used up pussy, you knew you deserved something nice and tight. That is when you saw the hot little piece of ass at your gym, wearing those skin-tight yoga pants and a sports bra. She was stretching and your cock throbbed as her flat tummy showed itself off to your wandering eyes. (more…)