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Grandpa has some special sauce

Does your family have a secret? Yummy recipe that has been getting passed down for years. Well, in my family, we have Grandpa’s special sauce! It is so delicious and creamy. It goes great with pretty much anything you can think of to pour it on top of! Papaw says his father and grandfather passed the tradition down to him. Now he gets to share it with us!

Affair with my Professor is so filthy

My affair with the naughty professor is back on. He is my favorite lover. Sometimes I go into his wife’s work and in my mind taunt her. Giggling because I am fucking her husband. She works a lot and is clueless. He can’t get enough of my teen body. Too bad his wife doesn’t want to use his cock as much as he wants. My dirty professor has fantasies about students. So, it’s my job to make that real for him so he doesn’t cross the line. Mister likes to have me be a teacher assistant.

Trina goes to her own Wonderland

Have you ever thought about how Alice felt? Did she want to fall down that hole, or was she pushed? Maybe the lure of magic mushrooms, and special teas tingled her in all the right places. I sometimes wonder if that naughty rabbit wasn’t really a dominate daddy who lured his little deep down into the underground. It’s more logical than you thought, right?