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Anal phone sex with a first timer

One thing that I never talk about is how much I love anal phone sex. I love being able to get all my favorite toys for us to play with on our call. My favorite toy is my big 9-inch dildo! Oh, believe me, we can have so much fun you shoving your cock in my ass over and over again.
I’m a tiny girl but I promise I can take your huge fucking cock. What do you like about fucking shit holes? My favorite thing is when you spit on my asshole while I’m spreading it apart for you.


A big ass needs to be played with

Bug ass

Some guys love a sexy booty, and others prefer a pair of massive boobies. But for you, there is something about a nice Big Ass that makes your poor cock throb! I would bet you are always getting caught staring at sexy chicks walking down the street. Especially the ones in tiny daisy dukes, or skin-tight leggings. The way their clothes heighten their behind, teasing you with its perfect shape!