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Anal sex time gives daddy a boner

You know what I’ve been needing this quarantines is some good anal fucking. Don’t you think? My asshole is just been wanting a big rock hard cock just gapping next open. So, daddy, I have been doing something extra special for you. A big butt plug has been stretching me open just for you. So I’m going to sneak into your room and start by rubbing your body. I want to rub my hands all over your body and feel that meat between your legs.


Double penetration makes me so fucking wet.

double penetration
I decided to go out and have fun at a night club my friend told me about. When I showed up it was in a dark alley and a little sketchy, that got my little cunt super wet. I know I should be scared but I’m getting very excited. When I walk in I realize it’s a sex club and I think my friend set me up. But she definitely set me up in a good way and I couldn’t be happier. When I stepped through the door I got picked up by a couple. They told me that they wanted to play and I knew what that meant.