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Anal lips: Do men pay attention to the color?

Men, do you pay attention to a woman’s anal lips? How do you like them? Now that I have your attention, have you ever thought of this, or is my mind a little on the twisted side? I’ve never been a huge voyeur of porn, but why are they all perfect and pink? Not a rosy shade, but baby pink. It honestly shocked me to the depth women go through to keep the backside aesthetically pleasing.


Anal sex time gives daddy a boner

You know what I’ve been needing this quarantines is some good anal fucking. Don’t you think? My asshole is just been wanting a big rock hard cock just gapping next open. So, daddy, I have been doing something extra special for you. A big butt plug has been stretching me open just for you. So I’m going to sneak into your room and start by rubbing your body. I want to rub my hands all over your body and feel that meat between your legs.


Anal Sex Surprise For Valentine’s Day Afternoon Delight

anal sex

This year for Valentine’s Day. I am going to surprise my married friend with anal sex. We are going to meet in the afternoon when no one else is around. He has been expressing how he wants to explore with that. Sometimes I can be a little apprehensive about it. I will be wearing a red tank and my cute red and white striped toe socks. They come up to my mid-thigh. Of course, You can’t forget lots of candy. My favorite lollipops and chocolates. It is going to be difficult to sleep tonight. (more…)