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2 Girl Phone Sex Doubles Pleasure

2 girl phone sex

2 girl phone sex doubles the pleasure. I am very bisexual, hearing another woman being sexy. That brings me to my knees. There is something about a woman men can’t deny. Soft skin, nice lips, and a juicy pussy. Women also tend to be more detail-oriented. So, it makes sense that the more the merrier. My question is what is your deep fantasy? Do you have a mother-daughter kink? Swingers kink with two beautiful women.


Anything goes with a dirty little slut

anything goes

First of all, I want to know what your definition of anything goes is? I am sure we are on the same page, I like getting fucking dirty. I am always up to do anything and today I feel like being daddy’s little girl. What do you think about that? Let me dress up in my little plaid skirt with no panties underneath. For the top, I am going to wear one of daddy’s button-ups tied. Does that get Daddy’s cock fucking hard? Let me get on my knees and unzip those pants and start pulling out your cock. Oh daddy my mouth is drooling for that thick cock. 


Bubble Bath Is A Favorite Past Time

bubble bath

A hot bubble bath is a favorite pastime of mine with my daddy. I want to recreate this special time with him. He has been so very busy lately. I make my way over to his house. I already let the housekeeper beware that I am coming over to surprise him. I’m dressed in my overalls dress with a cropped t-shirt underneath. On my feet are my slides and my pedicure. I have my little backpack that has all the goodies inside of it. I let myself into his house and start calling his name.


Rape Fantasy; I Give Consent

I’ve done many, many rape fantasies, but none like the one I’ve done a few moments ago! It was with a hot and horny Papi who’ve I’ve seen once or twice in the chatroom.  He took a chance on me because I’m the new piece of ass. I’m glad he did. Like I said earlier, this fantasy was different. (more…)