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Cock Addict Hairdresser Gets A Release

cock addict

I didn’t realize how much of a cock addict I am. Now that some restrictions are lifting. I have a small place in the back of my house to cut hair. My client’s husband that I miss very much. He has the best dick. Part of me gets surprised he came by a couple of days ago to come to get his hair done by me. I am wearing my cute dress and some sick high heels. Feeling myself and believe me it has been a while since I dressed up.


Anal sex time gives daddy a boner

You know what I’ve been needing this quarantines is some good anal fucking. Don’t you think? My asshole is just been wanting a big rock hard cock just gapping next open. So, daddy, I have been doing something extra special for you. A big butt plug has been stretching me open just for you. So I’m going to sneak into your room and start by rubbing your body. I want to rub my hands all over your body and feel that meat between your legs.