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Babysitter’s club with my hot friends.

baby sitters club

A fantasy or role play I want to do is my infamous babysitter’s club. Since times are rough but getting better. Some of me and my hot friends get together and make a club. It isn’t exactly what you think at first there is a morbid undertone to it. I know my fellow perverts will love this. They will want to entertain this idea with me. We have these code words that let you know what special you are getting off this menu. Hard candy is for the most extreme and so on. You get the point I am coming across with.


Welcome to the babysitters club with Alexis

babysitters club
Have you ever heard of the naughty babysitters club? Well let me introduce myself my name is Alexis and I run this slutty babysitter service. Have you ever wanted to have a young hot girl come over and not babysit but service that big hard cock? Well, the time is come in now with Alexis you can have that big cock cum. So what my service is, Is all you have to do is call and tell me that you want the special deal.