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BBC for a night of pussy stretching fun


You know what I have not had in a long time, some BBC. At my daddy’s work, there is a big black cock that works in his office and I sneak a peek every time I go visit daddy. Thinking this time I am going to surprise him with some young bald pussy. I go into my closet and start looking around for something sexy to wear. I find this black tight dress, and I pair it with some heels and of course no panties underneath. Wanting him to have easy access to destroy my little cunt. I get dressed and head to my daddies work. I don’t think my dad is there today so it can just be me and that black cock.


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big black cock

If there is one thing that I just can’t live without, it would 100% be a big black cock. Just saying those words out loud makes my fucking pussy so wet. I think it all started when I first went into school and I could see those big bulges outlined in their pants. I wondered to myself how good that would feel in all of my holes, and of course, they could just look at me and tell.