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Cock loves my stellar black pussy


Today, I laid down and took 15 cocks of all shapes and sizes. I was extremely turned on by the feeling of my black pussy getting stretched. I was wet from seeing the look on all their faces, and I’m glad no one showed my pussy any mercy. They beat it up with a good cock, and I let them hump it good. Groping my ass and shaking my tits was all I needed to do to let them see I wanted it. 


I got daddy a black girl to play with

One thing me and daddy haven’t done is play with a sweet pink pussy black girl. He has mentioned every so often when we are at the park about how good they look. And I decided that I should get daddy a present and it’s going to be a slutty little black girl. I think daddy would fucking love that, don’t you? Well, today is the day I’m going out to find the next cunt for daddy to use and abuse. I glance over as I swing on the swings and I see a black girl with a cute little flower dress on.


African American Sex Story: Addicted To The Swirl

African American Sex Story

African American Sex Stories, are obviously my favorite to tell. My day started like every other day… But my night was one I would always remember. After work, I decided to step out with my girls for drinks at a local martini bar. I felt super sexy that day, I had on my tight fitting little black dress that stopped just above my knees, black stockings, and some sexy red heels. My hair flowing down my back. The atmosphere that night was chill and it was filled with a lot of high-profile clientele.

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