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Bubble Bath Is A Favorite Past Time

bubble bath

A hot bubble bath is a favorite pastime of mine with my daddy. I want to recreate this special time with him. He has been so very busy lately. I make my way over to his house. I already let the housekeeper beware that I am coming over to surprise him. I’m dressed in my overalls dress with a cropped t-shirt underneath. On my feet are my slides and my pedicure. I have my little backpack that has all the goodies inside of it. I let myself into his house and start calling his name.


Coach Finds Player Alone In Showers

It is after soccer practice and I am back in the locker room all by myself. Coach sent me to the school physical therapist to get my ankle iced after twisting it a little. So I am the last coed here. Grabbing my bag, I head to the showers, wanting to rinse off all the sweat from the day. I peel off my shin guards, shorts, and top, standing in the locker room wearing only a pink sports bra and panties.