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Cheating Wife Has Husband Eat A Load

cheating wife

Being a cheating wife is part of the way I am. In fact, I can’t think of anyone I have been loyal to. My husband is boring in bed and I need to find ways to please my urges. Also, my libido is very high. I married for money and everyone who looks at me knows that. When he goes away on his business trips I get hot studs. Tonight when he comes home he is going to eat out a creampie. The best part is he won’t know it.


Cuckold Slut Enjoys Sticky Snack


The other night I was up in the front room with a glass of bubbly. Knowing it isn’t long till the husband is going out of town and I get to call my cuckold. Tapping my freshly manicured blood red nails on the arm of the couch. Watching the bubbles in the champagne. I have the perfect stud and outfit picked out for my slut. I have a little bit of a cross-dressing fetish. He will be wearing a cute pair of light pink satin shorts that showcase his cute bubble butt. A cropped spaghetti tank and some black fishnets.


Cheating goes threeway with dirty sluts


My cheating husband is a sex addict! And there is no way for me to change him. Whether he is at work, home, or on vacation, he cannot resist watching sexual porn or even having sex with other women. I have caught him time after time again. No confessions from him; I learn it on my own. But this weekend, I have a special surprise for him that will have him get off harder than he ever has before.


Affair Fantasy Gets Me Off

Summer is here and that means all the married men are wanting a steamy affair. I like dressing up cute and teasing these guys from my window. Sitting there, painting my nails blood red. When you blow to dry the polish, the way my lips form. I know they are thinking and wishing my mouth getting wrapped around their cock. One of my favorite outfits to wear is my tank with some cute panties. I am glad that daddy doesn’t live too far from me. He has this big awesome pool. A great way to let some steam off.