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Confessions of the slut next door


I know lately you have been wanting to have a good time with a slut who  knows how to dominate that cock. Well I have one of the biggest confessions. I see you outside with your wife and I see you staring at me with longing eyes. I purposely wear my sluttiest outfit to make sure you notice me. You realized  your bathroom window faces my room, and to be honest I know you stare at me


Rape Fantasy; I Give Consent

I’ve done many, many rape fantasies, but none like the one I’ve done a few moments ago! It was with a hot and horny Papi who’ve I’ve seen once or twice in the chatroom.  He took a chance on me because I’m the new piece of ass. I’m glad he did. Like I said earlier, this fantasy was different. (more…)

Bald pussy to play with

bald pussy

Last weekend was very eventful and I would love to share it with you. I decided I was going to go “play” at my uncle’s. His wife was gone and I and he haven’t played in a long time. He always tells my daddy he is jealous that he always gets my sweet little bald pussy all the time. And I couldn’t blame him, because it’s super fucking tight and so wet. So my dad dropped me off at my uncle’s house and as soon as I walked inside he was just so excited. You could see his pants getting tighter. With every step closer, I could see him just getting so excited.