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bald pussy

Last weekend was very eventful and I would love to share it with you. I decided I was going to go “play” at my uncle’s. His wife was gone and I and he haven’t played in a long time. He always tells my daddy he is jealous that he always gets my sweet little bald pussy all the time. And I couldn’t blame him, because it’s super fucking tight and so wet. So my dad dropped me off at my uncle’s house and as soon as I walked inside he was just so excited. You could see his pants getting tighter. With every step closer, I could see him just getting so excited.


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Hi there, I know why your here. You need a coed hottie that loves cock. Well, you’re in luck I am off of school for Thanksgiving and I’m ready to have some barley legal fun while I’m home. And my mommy said you’re coming over for Thanksgiving dinner with your wife. How hot would that be if you snuck off?


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Even though I am a young little whore I have so many crazy sex stories for you to jerk off to. So sit back and get you some lotion and drop a dime-sized amount on your cock. I want you to listen and start stroking your cock for me. I will tell you about the time when I turned 18 and went to Miami. I decided to give being a little porn whore would be good. So I showed up with a suitcase of slutty clothes.