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Cross dressing Son Caught By Mommy


With everyone out of the house for the next couple of hours, you decide to use your alone time to sneak into mommy’s room. Opening up the door to my huge walk-in closet, your heart stops as you take a sharp inhale. You love looking at all the gorgeous clothes, trying them on like a naughty cross dressing fag! It makes you feel so sexy and feminine to wear all the pretty items and twirl around in front of my bedroom mirror.


Cross dressing made easy by loving Mother

Cross dressing
I get calls from men who just want to come out of the…well, you know. They want to dress like a woman, act like a woman and get fucked like a woman. Some like forcefulness but others want a momma’s touch. They love coming to there sweet momma for cross dressing guidance. After all, mommy does know best. You know I’m gonna turn you into my sexy baby girl. The first thing I’m gonna start with is taking you to the mall. We’re gonna get you a whole new wardrobe.