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Daddies love to cheat with me

All the daddies who call my line always want to use my sweet little pussy. I love the thought of daddies cheating on the wives. I totally understand why they want my tight pink gushy cunt hole. And I will get down and dirty sucking that fat cock, going balls deep. I bet you love it feeling my tight throat wrapped around your cock, you can feel me breathing and gasping for air. When I do that you can feel my throat tightening up. Do you like that? I want you to grab the back of my throat daddy and face fuck me. You can do to me what your wife won’t let you. I bet that gets your cock twitching, aching for me Cunt.


I got daddy a black girl to play with

One thing me and daddy haven’t done is play with a sweet pink pussy black girl. He has mentioned every so often when we are at the park about how good they look. And I decided that I should get daddy a present and it’s going to be a slutty little black girl. I think daddy would fucking love that, don’t you? Well, today is the day I’m going out to find the next cunt for daddy to use and abuse. I glance over as I swing on the swings and I see a black girl with a cute little flower dress on.


My Best Friends Dad Has A Balloon Fantasy

My best friend’s dad has a balloon fantasy. It’s interesting how I found it out. I am spending the night at her house and her dad is a total babe. We dressed in our cute pajamas, a shirt, and some panties. My panties have a cute bow in the front and yellow on them. If you don’t know how a slumber party for girls goes then you are in for a treat. We did each other’s makeup and she put cute bun pigtails in my hair. We talk about cute boys, eat junk food and watch movies.


Daughter loves her nasty pervert daddy

I would say I always have been the best little daughter my parents could ask for. I was the only little for a long time before my sister came into the picture. Before that daddy and mommy would always give me attention. But sometimes I would get lonely and seek out some fun for myself. We had a family doggy named biggie. It was because he was a Great Dane. That’s when I started being the problem daughter. I couldn’t help I love that big doggy knot.


TV Dad fantasies for dirty girls


TV dad dick gets me super fucking horny!  I still remember feeling flush whenever Howard Cunningham sat down to talk with Fonzie. And during my senior year, I couldn’t cum unless Cliff Huxtable was yelling at Theo.  The thought of going down on a TV dad has always been my favorite fantasy! (more…)