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Daddy loves me to masturbate

Daddy probably never thought that his sweet little girl humps her pillow every night. Well, I love feeling that hard pillow between my little cunt lips. Pressing hard against it over and over again. It just happened that you caught me completely naked with my pussy humping my pillow. Grinding my hips going up and down! I love to masturbate daddy! I even do it at school, and I don’t mind when my teachers watch. They see me in the front row and spreading my legs and my pussy dripping wet all over my seat. I take my tiny fingers and twirling my little clit. I can feel it pulsing in my panties.


2 girl phone sex for daddy

2 girl phone sex
Daddy, have you ever had 2 girl phone sex before? Well, that’s one of my favorite naughty times baby. There’s so many role plays we can do with another fucking whore daddy. But my favorite is when I bring home a little friend. And we play with each other while daddy strokes his big fat cock. I think daddy would really like that, wouldn’t you? I would start by stripping her down so you could see her perfect bald little cunny. Isn’t it show bald and pink daddy?


Family sex stories too hot to tell

family sex stories
Do you know what I think you would find so fucking hot? Some family sex stories baby. I have so many from growing up in an incest family and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. My mommy started playing with me as soon as I was in the world. She would play with my tiny little cunt and make me so wet. Daddy couldn’t wait to get his hands on me either. When everyone came up to the hospital they all wanted to taste my sweet pussy.