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Bad Daddy cheated on my mom

I remember the day I caught Daddy and that lady from the church. She was to deliver some meals to the house because Mama was sick. My mom just had surgery and all my dad did was complain that he needed sex. All us girls hod when he would start talking about how bad he wanted pussy, or how horny he was. Now, of course, he never said this to us, but we heard him. He loved to make my mom feel guilty for not feeding his cock all her delicious pussy nectar.


Daddy uses me for his dirty accomplice

Daddy loves it when I bring home sweet little girls to play with. There is one thing that gets him going. It’s when I bring them home and get them loopy loo with a little bit of Benadryl in their strawberry lemonade. He likes them young and with a variety of hair colors and styles. Almost like a little bouquet of naughty little girls.