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2 girl phone sex for daddy

2 girl phone sex
Daddy, have you ever had 2 girl phone sex before? Well, that’s one of my favorite naughty times baby. There’s so many role plays we can do with another fucking whore daddy. But my favorite is when I bring home a little friend. And we play with each other while daddy strokes his big fat cock. I think daddy would really like that, wouldn’t you? I would start by stripping her down so you could see her perfect bald little cunny. Isn’t it show bald and pink daddy?


Daddy Gives Me A Bubble Bath


I still remember the first time my daddy touched my pretty young bald pussy. Usually, it was mommy who would give me my nighttime bath, filling the tub with bubbles and letting me splash. But she was visiting my aunt for the weekend because she had a baby last week. So it was only the two of us in the big house for the entire weekend. For some reason, daddy seemed so happy about it. (more…)