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Bald pussy to play with

bald pussy

Last weekend was very eventful and I would love to share it with you. I decided I was going to go “play” at my uncle’s. His wife was gone and I and he haven’t played in a long time. He always tells my daddy he is jealous that he always gets my sweet little bald pussy all the time. And I couldn’t blame him, because it’s super fucking tight and so wet. So my dad dropped me off at my uncle’s house and as soon as I walked inside he was just so excited. You could see his pants getting tighter. With every step closer, I could see him just getting so excited.


Daddy Gives Me A Bubble Bath


I still remember the first time my daddy touched my pretty young bald pussy. Usually, it was mommy who would give me my nighttime bath, filling the tub with bubbles and letting me splash. But she was visiting my aunt for the weekend because she had a baby last week. So it was only the two of us in the big house for the entire weekend. For some reason, daddy seemed so happy about it. (more…)

Daughter loves her nasty pervert daddy

I would say I always have been the best little daughter my parents could ask for. I was the only little for a long time before my sister came into the picture. Before that daddy and mommy would always give me attention. But sometimes I would get lonely and seek out some fun for myself. We had a family doggy named biggie. It was because he was a Great Dane. That’s when I started being the problem daughter. I couldn’t help I love that big doggy knot.