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Edging makes me so fucking hot

Have you been edging that cock lately? Mhm, I know how much you can’t take it that’s why you called me, huh? The sweet release is what you crave isn’t it? Well, I am into seeing you edge that fucking cock and keep building up that batch for Me. can you do that baby? Keep stroking your cock and fantasizing about my tight little cunt?


Blackmail is the secret trick to getting more money

My husband thinks he is so damn smart. I found out a little side piece he has been paying for her apartment. For her clothes and a whole bunch of other shit that should be going to me. But you know what. I’m not mad because I know exactly what I am going to do to him when he gets home from this “business trip” he lied to me about. I am thinking I am going to have to blackmail him…again.