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Coach Finds Player Alone In Showers

It is after soccer practice and I am back in the locker room all by myself. Coach sent me to the school physical therapist to get my ankle iced after twisting it a little. So I am the last coed here. Grabbing my bag, I head to the showers, wanting to rinse off all the sweat from the day. I peel off my shin guards, shorts, and top, standing in the locker room wearing only a pink sports bra and panties.


Bestiality Fantasy is the best baby

Bestiailty fantasy
I was always around different kinds of animals growing up and that didn’t help with me having Bestiality fantasies. I started having them at a very young age and started experimenting, I mean why not right? Daddy would also wanna experiment with me too. So we go to the barn, and he let me pick out whatever animal I wanted. And my first conquest was a fat pig. Did you know they cocks were like corkscrews? Well, I soon found out and it made my little fucking cunt so wet.


Edging makes me so fucking hot

Have you been edging that cock lately? Mhm, I know how much you can’t take it that’s why you called me, huh? The sweet release is what you crave isn’t it? Well, I am into seeing you edge that fucking cock and keep building up that batch for Me. can you do that baby? Keep stroking your cock and fantasizing about my tight little cunt?