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Mommy tits are big, full and milky

I heard your hungry little mouth was craving some warm milk from my big pregnant mommy tits tonight. I have not pumped all day, my breasts are full of the liquid gold, ready for you to suckle out every ounce. Look at my shirt, with two big wet spots where my nipples are poking out. Don’t they look delicious? Help mama get undressed so you can get to your special treat!


Incest fantasy makes for a lot of fun

Incest fantasy
Have you ever had an incest fantasy? Well, I have had more than fantasies. I grew up as an incest princess and I couldn’t have liked it more. It started when I was just a tiny Bopper. My daddy believes you have to train little sluts early. And he couldn’t have been more right. So my first training was a couple of nights after my mommy brought me home. He was so excited he could barely control his pervert cock.