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Filthy whore needs cock in her ass

Do you know what I am? I am a filthy little fucking whore and I need cock. One cock a day isn’t enough, and today I think I’m going to stay home from school. I heard my next-door neighbor is also staying home today. What a perfect day, have the pervert neighbor over for some fun. I know he always is staring over here. Oh look, your son is home too! I think some double penetration is exactly what I need. My holes are aching to get pounded by a big hard cock.


Golden shower is my perfect desire

I can’t believe you called me up for golden shower playtime! You must be really desperate and willing to do whatever it takes to fuck a coed like me. You’re going as far as drinking my urine! So go ahead and lay back under this hospital chair. I found that this is the easiest, and most comfortable, a way for me to use you as my very own personal toilet. Open wide and feel that hot piss drown your face. There is no need in attempting to catch it all with your mouth. It splatters all over your neck and chest. Do you think I am sorry for you? (more…)

Disability Sex Brings Out Tongue Lashings


Everyone should have a chance of pleasure even someone with a disability.

A friend of mine told me about this website that is a black market and in beta testing. Looking for a nice picture that lets people know I am sexual yet friendly. This website is interesting and a nice idea. The guy that picked me is a quadriplegic from a skydiving incident. He is very handsome, wealthy and his dick works fine. Can’t move his arms or legs, this is good for those that need help with self-pleasure.

What woman wouldn’t want a man that has a strong jaw for more tongue lashings?

Arriving at his house, this home is so beautiful! I am told to walk in by myself. Dressed in a cute denim skirt and a ribbed tank with my hair in a barette. I hear music coming out of a room, walking towards that making it to the door. knocking with no answer the door opens. Walking in I introduce myself and there he is, a handsome man smiling. He tells me to please take a seat.

I kind of forgot he has a disability.

I lie down by him and ask how he would like this to go. Not wanting money for this, being a slut. His cock starts to rise and I bend over giving him a blowjob. He is moaning loud, it’s been a while since he has felt the touch of a woman. Not wanting him to blow like that. Lying back he asks me to please not stop. Pulling my skirt down, getting down on his face he sticks his tongue out. Most people would feel out of place because he does have a disability.

He is so good at licking, makes me wonder how many women he has done this to.

Glazing his face like a donut. Lying back down by him taking his cock in my hand. I stroke him and feel it throb. Rubbing down to his balls and cupping them and then stroking back up. He is moaning and looking at me. He thanks me and tells me he feels his disability holds him back from being intimate and with people in general. Lying down and hugging him, telling him not to thank me. I am glad someone got to feel that human interaction from my touch.