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Cheating goes threeway with dirty sluts


My cheating husband is a sex addict! And there is no way for me to change him. Whether he is at work, home, or on vacation, he cannot resist watching sexual porn or even having sex with other women. I have caught him time after time again. No confessions from him; I learn it on my own. But this weekend, I have a special surprise for him that will have him get off harder than he ever has before.


My Husband is in Full Control


As of lately, my husband has changed dramatically! I don’t know if it’s due to this crazy shut down were all in or what! But he has turned into shall I say, something like a person with schizophrenia! And everything he’s suggesting that we do lately has made him just monstrous! He has restricted our three girls and me from leaving the house anymore. It’s the only him that can leave! From now on, everything is our dirty little secret.


My husband keeps us captivated in the basement. But he is my husband and their father, so we do as he says. He has even been forcing my children and me to have sex with him! The extreme age play of his outrageous domination was raging inside of him! And he’s been monstrous in the idea of us having sex with our dogs right in front of him! His torture and abuse have caused us many bruises, and I see no end sight!


He’s pretty much making me repeat myself, stating that he is the King he is our Master, and I am his no good bs wife! He instructs our children to torture me with extreme pain by beating me with his bat. I had to listen to them cry as they hit me and gave me all kinds of batter, cripple up injuries. He has us all repeatedly refer to him as Master and King in charge and that we are nothing, but his dirty little slaves meant to obey and respect him and his demonstrative expectations! We are worthless, no good, bitches that don’t deserve anything other than to sever him! Our Master loves to degrade us time and time again, forcing us to do crazy and tortuous expectations! We are his slaves!