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BBC for a night of pussy stretching fun


You know what I have not had in a long time, some BBC. At my daddy’s work, there is a big black cock that works in his office and I sneak a peek every time I go visit daddy. Thinking this time I am going to surprise him with some young bald pussy. I go into my closet and start looking around for something sexy to wear. I find this black tight dress, and I pair it with some heels and of course no panties underneath. Wanting him to have easy access to destroy my little cunt. I get dressed and head to my daddies work. I don’t think my dad is there today so it can just be me and that black cock.


Interracial Porn Made Me Love BBC!

Would you believe me if I told you that my own father was the one who introduced me interracial porn? Well, it is true! I remember sneaking into my daddy’s computer room one night like a naughty girl when I was a young teen. Wanting to get online and chat on MySpace with a boy from school I had been flirting with for weeks. I knew I was not supposed to be up, and I for sure was not supposed to be snooping around on dad’s computer. My parent’s strict computer rules gave us only one hour of screen time per day, but that wasn’t enough for me!