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Bestiality Fantasy is the best baby

Bestiailty fantasy
I was always around different kinds of animals growing up and that didn’t help with me having Bestiality fantasies. I started having them at a very young age and started experimenting, I mean why not right? Daddy would also wanna experiment with me too. So we go to the barn, and he let me pick out whatever animal I wanted. And my first conquest was a fat pig. Did you know they cocks were like corkscrews? Well, I soon found out and it made my little fucking cunt so wet.


K9 fantasy at the dog park

k9 fantasy

I was at the park last weekend and this man approached me and said he had lost his dog. I had my K-9 fantasy companion on her leash and I was not sure how to take this. Was not sure if he was a weirdo or if he had lost his pet and needed help finding it. (more…)