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Chronic Masturbation Sessions With Mini Vibe

chronic masturbation

Chronic masturbation is becoming a new normal for me. My new mini bullet came in the mail for me. Let me tell you that is an amazing little thing. I can say it’s even almost better than sex. I can submerge it in water, the toy fits in the palm of my hand. My favorite thing about it is that its rechargeable. No more batteries to worry about. It’s small and I can bring it down to the pool with me. So my summer isn’t ruined. I am going to keep myself happy until I can see clients again.


Mutual Masturbation Is Sex On Fire

mutual masturbation
Mutual masturbation is a titillating experience for both parties. I like to dress in my sexy panties. Draw the blinds and get candles lit. The smell of vanilla with coconut is sensual. The drapes on the lamps make a beautiful array of colors in the shade. The way my body looks with the shade on it when I enter the room. My partner is on the bed smiling. He gets naked and it’s my turn to disrobe. Walking towards him I tease pulling my bra strap down slow. I see him adjust himself with a rosy color appearing on his cheeks.


JOI make you beat your meat with Lola

JOI turns me on. It’s sexy to control how a man strokes for me. Dressing in my lacy thong and white tank top. A bra goes nice as well, it feels good. To describe how I want you to get that hand warm. My hands rubbing on my teen body that is heating up. The words coming from my youthful voice. Telling you to lick your fingertips and rub the head of that cock. There is a surprise at the end of your climax. Before that, I need to get you warmed up.


My bald pussy is soaking wet

bald pussy
I am lying in bed right now with one hand down the front of my little pink cotton panties. Playing with my cunt. My pink bald pussy has been wet all day. I am finally alone and able to give it the attention it needs! My other hand is up my shirt, squeezing my small boobs and pinching my erect nipples. As I rub my small clit with my own juices. My back arches off the bed, my young body begging for some sexual release.