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Son’s Craving for Mother’s Milk

The love for a mother’s milk is not something that ends once mommy stops feeding you. For instance, my teenage boy loves both Coed and observing as my newborn is sucking on mama’s breast and drinking Mama’s Milk. He gets so excited peeking in the door, watching me, staring in at my Sexy Breast, such Big Tits while feeding my newborn. My milk is an appetite he craves! As I saw him watching, I asked him what was turning him on. I went ahead and laid the baby down in his crib. Calling for my son to come in to join me in my room so that I could learn what it was he was fantasizing about!


Family sex stories too hot to tell

family sex stories
Do you know what I think you would find so fucking hot? Some family sex stories baby. I have so many from growing up in an sexfamily and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. My mommy started playing with me as soon as I was in the world. She would play with my tiny little cunt and make me so wet. Daddy couldn’t wait to get his hands on me either. When everyone came up to the hospital they all wanted to taste my sweet pussy.