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Mommy is a good little boy teacher


You desire mommy more than any other woman on earth. I see you looking through the crack in the door, and I know you love watching.

When mommy slips into my fuck me boots, you know I will be back in a few hours.  Maybe it isn’t the most typical thing to see me do, but you love watching me get fucked. Sure, they may be strangers to you… but to me, they are my everything. When I spread my legs, my pussy becomes what everyone is hungry for.

Mommy has a tendency to be a little loud. Escaping my loud moans while I’m in my breeding session will never be easy. You can tell it isn’t daddy fucking my cunt sloppy, but that makes him no difference. He jerks off in the corner and occasionally joins in to clean the cum out of me. He is a good clean-up boy, but I will never want his dick as much as I want his buddies. I like a girthy cock, and daddy doesn’t have that.

Mommy will be the best teacher.

I know you keep trying to convince me you are better in bed than all the guys you have sex with Mommy, but you are going to have to show me. I am starting to notice you don’t seem to care that I am your mother, and you will do whatever it takes to get inside of me too. When you barge in on me in the shower, I can tell you mean business. When you come in the room slinging your cock around, you are going to pound me silly. No need to pull out, you can come in the same pussy you came from.

Son’s Craving for Mother’s Milk

The love for a mother’s milk is not something that ends once mommy stops feeding you. For instance, my teenage boy loves both Coed and observing as my newborn is sucking on mama’s breast and drinking Mama’s Milk. He gets so excited peeking in the door, watching me, staring in at my Sexy Breast, such Big Tits while feeding my newborn. My milk is an appetite he craves! As I saw him watching, I asked him what was turning him on. I went ahead and laid the baby down in his crib. Calling for my son to come in to join me in my room so that I could learn what it was he was fantasizing about!