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Voyeur looks at your dirty deeds


A nasty little voyeur like me loves coming across scenes like this!  I’ve peeked a few times on my hot neighbor.  She’s gorgeous!  She has curves for days, long brunette hair and legs for miles.  I will admit when I watch her out in her flower garden I’ve been known to get a little wet.  But this weekend, she had company!  I was just minding my business, sitting on my swing when I heard the soft moans come across the yard.   (more…)

Naughty neighbor sneaks over when wife leaves

naughty neighbor

My naughty neighbor came over and introduced herself before I had my first box unpacked.  She had a shoo-fly pie still warm from the oven, and as she handed it to me, our fingers brushed.  “Welcome to the neighborhood, Honey! I know you’ll enjoy my pie,” she cooed. “The shoo-fly is pretty good, too.”  And with that, she winked and left me to arrange my house.  (more…)