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Nympho neighbor moved in next door last weekend

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A nympho neighbor and her hot AF husband moved in this past weekend. I am calling her that for the simple fact that I think I watched her fuck 7 different men Sunday afternoon. One of them was my husband.

But let me start at the beginning. When the moving truck pulled up Friday afternoon a mini-van followed and parked right behind it in the street. I was watching this from my bedroom window. I had stepped out of the shower and heard the commotion. Two young teenagers got out of the van and an athletic, petite woman got out of the driver’s door. The boys were very vocal about getting the van unloaded so they could go eat dinner. They seemed like a normal family. After unpacking some boxes they backed the truck close to the house. Then they drove off together.


Naughty neighbor sneaks over when wife leaves

naughty neighbor

My naughty neighbor came over and introduced herself before I had my first box unpacked.  She had a shoo-fly pie still warm from the oven, and as she handed it to me, our fingers brushed.  “Welcome to the neighborhood, Honey! I know you’ll enjoy my pie,” she cooed. “The shoo-fly is pretty good, too.”  And with that, she winked and left me to arrange my house.  (more…)