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Phone Sex Fantasies Linger In Our Loins

phone sex

Hot phone sex is what I am craving. It has to be as delicious as I am. I have a plethora of real stories about sex with clients I can share. Laying back on my bed dissecting our fantasies together. With my mini vibe in my hand. The vibe is cute and small. When I hold that button down for the three seconds my pussy starts to tingle. It’s so powerful that it almost falls out of my hand. So, when I put it on my juicy clit. An instant orgasm is there at hand.


VIP takes on a new sense of urgency

I met him it the Club, It was Friday night and packed everyone packed in hot, sweaty and full of lust.  He came up behind me and started grinding his rock hard cock into my ass. He grabbed me by the hair pulling my head back and whispered into my ear that I had a body made for pleasure.  He pulled me off of the dance floor and into a VIP Room.