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Roleplay with a naughty preggo

You always seem to come up with the kinkiest, naughtiest things for us to act out. What kind of naughty roleplay has your dirty mind been fantasizing about today? There are so many nasty, mature woman scenarios for you to choose from! Whether your cock is in the mood for incest, accomplice play, or cuckold fun, I am here to help please you in any way that I can.


Secret rape fantasy to take me over the top

rape fantasy

Your rape fantasy might be secret, but its no secret that I’m a freak with extreme needs. Does it really come as a surprise that rape fantasies are a necessity for me? The screams and the thrill of the hunt make my heart pound, but it’s making my fuck toy submit to my sick needs that takes me over the top. The dark and depraved fantasies make me cum the way my sick pussy deserves. You want to give me what I deserve, don’t you? (more…)