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Bondage pleasures for my special family


Halloween is an extraordinary time of the year for our family. And as always, I came up with a secret plan for our Family Fantasies. It would be a Kidnapping, Bondage plan that I know they would all love! My father had all of us watch a movie about the girl in the Box. It’s based on a true story. And ever since then, I have been thinking up devious plans.


Dirty sex stories with Alexis

sex stories

I have so many dirty sex stories I can share with you. I fucking love have nasty fucking sex where my cunt is full of cum. Both of my holes are always filled with hot steamy thick cum, it feels my panties. And since I’m such a nasty girl I will eat my cum off my little pink panties. What do you think about that? I want you to get in your hands and knees and make sure you lick my clean baby. 


Sex Toy From Mommy Gave Me My First Orgasm!

sex toy
Would you believe me if I told you that my mommy was the one to get me my very first sex toy? I promise that it is true! Still very young and beginning to feel those special tingles in my bald pussy all the time. I had tried to use my little fingers to poke and rub my pretty little pussy, but I could not for the life of me get myself to cum! I would even try straddling the arm of the couch, bucking and grinding my puffy clit against it.