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Babysitter fantasy turned into real life


I got hired as a babysitter as a last minute gig. This couple is in dire need of some alone time, on a much-needed date.
I show up with my cute white socks that go right above my knee and a short skirt. The dad couldn’t keep his eyes off of me and I kept noticing how he was checking out my ass. He left their numbers in case something happened while they were out. I was walking around the house and grabbed something to drink.


Stepfather Punishes Naughty New Stepdaughter


When my mom first married my stepfather, my moody teen self already was not a very big fan of his. He was bossy and rude, always on the phone making business calls when we were all together. I hated that he tried to make new rules for me to follow like he was trying to be my dad or something! My mom did not seem to notice or care that he was completely changing everything! It was so unfair. (more…)